Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Don't get ripped off! How much should you actually pay to get your toilet fixed?

During my years as a plumber I've had lots of my customers telling me how much they paid for previous plumbing work (with a different plumbing company). Of course customers never tell me they feel they didn't pay enough for a job! Sometimes customers tell me because they want me to quote a lower price. Lots of customers are afraid of getting ripped off. All too often customers have been ripped off!

Working out a price can be quite tricky for some jobs. Jobs can at times take longer than expected or require addition parts. I'll give you an example: a customer calls me up and asks for a quote to replace a syphon in their close-coupled toilet because it's not flushing properly. Now, at first this may seem a pretty straightforward, fairly quick fix which just requires one new part (the syphon). In fact there have been times (although not many!) where I didn't even need to replace the syphon, as it was one of those that can be repaired in about ten minutes without dismantling the whole toilet - in these instances I am honest with the customer and they save some money. On the otherhand, I could arrive at the property and the job isn't quite as straightforward. Usually there is a one-piece syphon fitted which means the toilet needs taking apart. This can then be followed by a number of difficult scenarios:
  • can't isolate the water as stop tap is broken
  • the toilet cistern is siliconed (or even worse 'no more nails' has been used) to the wall
  • the backnuts which hold the cistern to the pan are totally rusted (usually the case unfortunately) and won't undo

When I do eventually get the cistern apart I always replace the metal backplate and also the donut washer.

Image result for toilet siliconed to wall
cistern siliconed to the wall is a common site

Related image
rusty backnuts can be awkward to remove

I apologise if this sounds like I'm moaning. All I'm trying to do is make you aware. Sometimes jobs can be more difficult than they first appear, take longer than anticipated, and require extra parts.

As a plumber you have to take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes jobs go like a dream others turn into a nightmare (bit of an exaggeration!). On my website I list prices for different jobs and I try my best to be honest and fair with customers. At the end of the day I want repeat customers and the best advertisement is through recommendations.

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