Thursday, 25 January 2018

LEVER or BUTTON - that is the question

More new toilets than ever come with a push button flush rather than a lever. Some people do still prefer a lever flush, but I think many would agree that a push button flush is easier to operate.


Image result for lever toilet flush                     Image result for push button toilet flush

What many people don't realise is that they can convert their existing toilet from lever flush to push button (or button to lever if that is what you prefer!).

The reason lever flushes fail or become difficult to operate is down to the syphon inside the cistern - if the diaphragm washer splits then it can take several attempts before you get a successful flush (very frustrating and potentially embarrassing especially if it's not in your own home and you can't flush!).

To fix your flush problem you can of course change the diaphragm washer (only a piece of thin plastic) very easily if you have a multi piece syphon (as below) which comes apart. If you haven't got a washer then you can just make your own by cutting one out of something like a rubble sack.
Image result for multi piece syphon
you can undo the nut and take this syphon apart to renew the diaphragm

Image result for syphon diaphragm washer

a syphon diaphragm washer

Unfortunately if you have a one piece syphon (as below) then you will need to remove the whole syphon from the cistern to get to the washer.

Image result for multi piece syphon 
a one-piece syphon which will need to be removed to replace the diaphragm washer

If the syphon has to be removed then you can go one of two ways:

1) replace the washer or syphon and keep the lever flush
   2) replace the syphon with a drop valve with push button flush

Image result for drop valve
drop valve with push button flush

While we're at it I often recommend to clients that it is worth replacing the fill valve at the same time (makes good sense whilst the water is off and the cistern is drained). That is why I offer customers a great deal of replacing all the internal parts of your toilet cistern for just £80. At least then you have peace of mind in the knowledge that your toilet won't let you down. Check out this great offer on my website

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