Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How just £15 could save your life.

Would you spend £15 to protect you and your family in your own home? I'm guessing that most people would answer 'yes' to this question. Yet, I am amazed at how few people have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in their home. When I service or repair a customer's gas appliance I usually ask them if they have a CO alarm fitted. More often than not the answer is 'no'. Some say they were 'thinking of getting one but just haven't got round to it.'. I have even had customers who are totally unaware of the risks of CO poisoning.

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a typical CO alarm
Avoidable deaths
The Office for National Statistics says that over 50 people die each year from CO poisoning, and around 4000 are treated in hospital. Yet it is estimated that 27 million in the UK don't have a CO alarm fitted.

CO alarms are a second line of defence
It is important to note that CO alarms are a good second line of defence. CO alarms only alert you when something is already wrong (i.e. a fault with your gas appliance).

Your first line of defence should always be to keep your gas appliances regularly serviced (at least once a year) by a Gas Safe engineer.

Awareness is key to saving lives and reducing deaths and incidents of CO poisoning. It is important that people are aware of the symptoms (refer to my previous Blog) and tell tale signs (refer to my previous Blog).

I always recommend getting a CO alarm to my customers and am happy to supply them with one.
Protect yourself and your family by following the ABC checklist:

  • A - ALARM (do you have one fitted?)
  • B - BATTERIES (have you tested it and are the batteries working?)
  • C - CHECK (have you had an up to date gas check?)
At the end of the day it is about peace of mind, and £15 is not a high price to pay for that!

Get your gas appliances serviced by giving me a call today. And why not ask about getting a CO alarm fitted at the same time. 

Find out more about carbon monoxide by visiting www.co-bealarmed.co.uk/  or the Gas Safe website

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